About Us

Who are Noodle + Mars? 
5 years ago we welcomed Marley to the family, he's black, tan & white which reminded us of a mars bar- this is where his nick name Mars came from! 
10 months ago Naya came along, she's a miniature poodle and has a very curly coat! We started calling her Noodle because her hair looks like little curly noodles! 
So what better way to name the business than after our fur kids nicknames- Noodle + Mars! 
We're dog mad and have worked with dogs for a number of years now and have a small dog daycare + treat shop that we work at 3 days of the week, we've wanted to design dog accessories + human apparel for a long time but due to covid affecting our other business we thought that this was the right time to take the plunge and try to make our small businesses grow! We're passionate about donating and helping charities but found we really can't afford much at the moment which is why we decided to base all our collections around charities we'd love to donate to- we're donating 10% of every sale and at the end of each month it will be split between the four charities we've picked and confirmation of this will be posted to our social media platforms. 
Lots of Love 
Noodle, Mars, Alex + Keri-Ann